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Description :

MyDbfStudio is entirely written under lazarus and the main features are:

  • You can work with multiple tables at once, in mdi forms.
  • You can directly add, modify or delete data.
  • You can view deleted data.
  • You can create, empty, delete, change or restructure a table.
  • You can create, delete or modify any index on table.
  • You can add or substract two tables.
  • You can directly export data in the following formats: CSV, HTML, XLS, DBF or XML.
  • It works on Windows, Linux and all platforms capable of running Lazarus.

In the program source code, you'll find everything you need to compile MyDbf Studio on your favorite OS.
MyDbf Studio is a project open to all those who want to participate in any way.


MyDbfStudio est entièrement écrit en LAZARUS et permet de :

  • travailler sur plusieurs tables en fiches MDI
  • Ajouter, modifier, supprimer
  • Voir les données effacées
  • Gérer les tables et les index
  • Ajouter ou soustraire deux tables
  • Exporter en : CSV, HTML, XLS, DBF or XML
  • Fonctionner sur WINDOWS LINUX voire toute plateforme LAZARUS


Vous trouverez tout pour installer le projet.

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24 Mar 2010
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